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Find players to play with and compete.

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Create a group and find team mates on fly.

Play your favorite games with people who speak your language and are fair players. Get XP points completing challanges and level up on GroupApp.

How it works:

Find or create a Group

Choose your platform, the game you want to play, the game mode and the preferred language.

Complete Group

Wait until the group is completed by other players who meet your criteria.


Add the players found to your platform, chat with them in Group Chat and play!

GroupApp is also featuring Events.

Compete against other players in the Event mode and climb the top of the ranking with your Group.

How Events works:

Join an Event

Events are games battles between groups. Join an event with your group..

Play the match

Wait until a match has been found. Matches are between two groups. Add your opponents to your platform and play against them.

Complete the match

When the match is finished report the result on GroupApp and get XP and Group points to climb the top of the ranking!

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GroupApp has been developed by players for players.

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